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smartPORT TV: Ready for the future - Hamburg’s vision of a smartPORT becoming reality

The clip gives you an idea about the new vessel traffic centre (VTS). Jörg Pollmann the harbor master explains the significance of such a modern traffic control centre. Not only was the space expanded but also the whole technology was revamped. Jörg Pollmann even states that it will be hard to find such a system anywhere else in the world. Jens Meier Chairman of the Management Board of the HPA believes that this centre is at the cutting edge. He is excited about the equipment and the upgrade, for example the special electronic port maps and portable pilot units. The vessel independent maps will helps the pilots to communicate with the centre even in unfavorable weather conditions. This set up will ensure the ease of passage and safety of all ships. Frank Horch Hamburg’s senator for Economic Affairs affirms the statements and sees this opening as a key achievement on the path to making the vision of a smart port a reality.