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smartPORT TV: Hamburg leads the way with the Port Road Management Center

The clip informs you about the Port Road Management Center of the Hamburg Port Authority. Cutting edge IT-systems provide an overview over the traffic situation aroung the port. Sascha Westermann from HPA explains the set-up. The systems show traffic hotspots and the state of the overall current traffic. Via video monitoring, blue tooth and traffic signals all kinds of traffic data is used to check the traffic on the roads in the port and leading up to the port. On 16 so-called DIVA info boards, DIVA stands for traffic level dynamic information system, the drivers are informed on the current speed and journey time to the port. At key points these boards give the driver the vital information for planning his trip and choosing the best route. One strategic point is even 30 kilometers away. This way the traffic can already be influenced way ahead and well beyond the port’s borders. With this Port Road Management Center Hamburg is prepared for the growing traffic.