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smartPORT TV: Ground-breaking ceremony for Hamburg’s third cruise ship terminal

The clip gives you an idea about the new cruise ship terminal at the Kronprinzkai in Hamburg. Iris Scheel the HPA project manager explains the importance of the cooperation  between the Hamburg Port Authority and the Hamburg Airport. Staff from both offices work on all aspects together for the project. With the premiere docking of a cruise ship the ground-breaking ceremony started appropriately. Jens Meier Chairman of the Management Board of the HPA believes that the third cruise ship terminal will establish Hamburg in the cruise ship industry as an important destination. Michael Eggenschwiler from the Management of the Hamburg Airport is confident that with all the expertise gathered from both authorities Hamburg is well equipped for the passenger turnaround in the future. Iris Scheel confirms his statement by explaining the massive size of the area for the terminal. 16 ha will be used to create 1500 parking spaces and two buildings that will allow for 8000 passengers to be processed per ship.