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smartPORT TV: Elbjazz Festival at the port of hamburg

The Elbjazz festival in Hamburg - where else can you sail with a barge to the concert area?
The port of Hamburg creates an awesome atmosphere with a fantastic scenery in the background that also inspires the artists. Diane Reeves wowed her fans with an amazing and and virtuosic concert performance at the old machine workshop of the Blohm + Voss shipyard.
Backstage she raves about the interesting location where industry and music are combined in harmony. Here she also introduces her new CD „Beautiful life“ to the Hamburg audience. In the interview she reveals to our presenter, how to live a „beautiful life". Late at night, another highlight happened on stage. Announced by the Queen Elizabeth, Gregory Porter jazzed with his band until after midnight. Guests will come again when the harbor invites them back to the next Elbjazz festival.