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smartPORT TV: 825th harbor festival in Hamburg

The clip shows the 825th harbor festival, the so-called „Hafengeburtstag“ in Hamburg. The Hamburg harbor puts on a yearly spectacle that is the world’s biggest maritime fair. More than one million people come every year to watch big cruise ships, frigates and steamboats.

In front of the unique scenery along the Landungsbrücken, Hamburg’s citizens and visitors can experience a wonderful event by sea, land and even air. The port festival has an attractive program for the whole family with many cultural events on the side. Many international ships are visiting the harbor during that time, some of them even allow the public to go aboard. The tug-boat ballet is very famous and one of the main attractions on the water. The clip also provides you with a peak behind the scenes. Harbor-master Jörg Pollmann is directing the ballet so that everything is running smoothly during the show.