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smartPORT Energy - Ecological and economic benefits for all

The "smartPORT Energy" project will help suppliers and users of modern energy technologies in the Port of Hamburg to form a closer bond. As an industrial and logistics location the port is a large energy consumer, and the potential to reduce pollution and save costs is huge: the project will support the switch to sustainable energies in the port and benefit both the environment and business.

The area of the Port of Hamburg houses many industrial and logistics companies that combined can do a lot to support Germany’s energy transition and make the port more attractive to business. The Hamburg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport and Innovation, the Ministry of Urban Development and Environment, and the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) have joined forces and initiated the "smartPORT Energy" project. According to the "smartPORT Energy" brochure “attractive consulting and support programmes offered in cooperation with UmweltPartnerschaft Hamburg, an association to promote a sustainable, resource-efficient economy, are to motivate the port industry to join Hamburg’s efforts to switch to renewable energies”.

Wind power, solar power, biomass, liquefied natural gas, energy and efficiency management on both sides of the quay edge – many rewarding options are available to business: companies who take part will have the opportunity to deploy their products "Made in Hamburg" at a prominent place and test new ones. Those who switch to renewable energies will also enjoy considerable economic benefits: eco-friendliness thanks to state-of-the-art energy technologies saves resources and money, and on top it enhances the image.

The overall aims are to lower energy consumption and emissions, increase the share of energy derived from renewable sources and provide renewable energies in line with demand, expand storage capacities to make companies less dependent on conventionally generated energy and make the Port of Hamburg a “flagship port” for renewables. And the Hanseatic City? Thanks to "smartPORT Energy" the city will enjoy cleaner air due to reduced pollution and CO2 emissions as well as a competitive advantage, all of which benefits the business community, the city and the port.

We will present initial results and experiences at the 29th IAPH World Ports Conference that will take place in June 2015 here in Hamburg.

For more information, please read the bilingual German-English brochure about the "smartPORT Energy" project. A PDF file is available for download from the internet.