smartPORT logistics - Intelligent Interconnection is the Key to efficient Port Management
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smartPORT logistics - Intelligent Interconnection is the Key to efficient Port Management

The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) recently published its new smartPORT logistics brochure “Port of Hamburg – digital Gateway to the World”. smartPORT logistics is one of the two pillars of the HPA’s smartPORT philosophy. smartPORT logistics aims at increasing the economic efficiency of the Port of Hamburg as a major link in the global supply chain. In order to create the conditions that enable the optimisation of traffic and trade flows, the HPA is developing an intelligent infrastructure: the latest IT megatrend technologies will be deployed to collect, analyse and process data so as to ensure transparency at all stages of the supply chain and enable early intervention. The concept is focused on intelligently interconnecting innovative technologies such as Bluetooth, hotspots, WI-FI, clouds or mobile end devices. Concrete project aims are:

  • Managing and using the existing infrastructure in the Port of Hamburg in an efficient manner
  • Reducing traffic-related emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases
  • Establishing intelligent infrastructure in the Port of Hamburg
  • Optimising the flow of information to manage trade flows efficiently
Both the smartPORT logistics and the smartPORT energy brochure are available here.

The HPA also relies on international co-operation to establish a smartPORT. At the end of May the HPA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Port de Barcelona. The aim of the new agreement between the two ports is to share information in other areas too, e.g. port IT systems and environmental issues. “We are delighted to enter into a sister-port partnership with the Port of Barcelona - our first with a European port. The Port of Barcelona is a strong European partner with whom we have enjoyed a close relationship based on trust for quite some time now. Apart from striving to strike a balance between the needs of the port industry and the environment, port IT and its integration into the Smart City of the future and, of course, cruise shipping are important issues for us here in Hamburg. We welcome the sharing of experiences as it helps us to continuously improve,” says Jens Meier, Chairman of the Management Board of the HPA.