Typical Hamburg
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Having a craving for Hamburg(ers)?

"Rundstück warm" is a dish that many in the Hanseatic city consider the ancestor of the ubiquitous Hamburger even if the claim lacks proof. What is certain, though, is that the meat-in-a-roll dish is a hearty predecessor of today’s fast-food kitchen.

The classic "Rundstück warm" consists of a round wheat roll cut transversely – it must be a round roll, not a longish one scored on top – and a hearty slice of warm beef or pork roast, depending on the leftovers from Sunday’s roast, placed on one of the two halves.

The meat is then topped with a spoonful of gravy and optionally with pickles, beet root or tomato slices. Place the second half of the roll on top of the meat and you are done with cre-ating the ancestor of the modern hamburger. – Enjoy your meal!