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Greening the Gateway to the World – the first Sustainability Report of the HPA

In its first sustainability report "Greening the Gateway to the World" the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) sheds light on an array of ecological, economic and social projects. Lowering emissions is a central aspect of the report that has been certified to the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The report was accompanied by Deloitte & Touche GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, an audit firm.

The Port of Hamburg directly or indirectly supports jobs for more than 260,000 people, it pro-vides the basis for economic prosperity and it is a landmark of our city – the port is the pro-verbial Gateway to the World. However, its round-the-clock service can put a strain on resi-dents. "To make this gateway “greener” and more prosperous - that is the challenge we are facing, and we like facing it", write Jens Meier, Chairman of the Management Board of the HPA, and Wolfgang Hurtienne, Managing Director of the HPA, in the foreword to the report that outlines the developments in 2011 and 2012.

Sustainable growth for Hamburg, sustainability through innovative projects, management as the engine of sustainability and a team that thinks and acts with sustainability in mind are the key chapters of the 24-page report. They are supplemented by a list of sources, a company profile and a list of the key performance indicators as well as an outline of the organisation’s aims, projects and strategies that all incorporate sustainability. In the outline the HPA defines sustainability as a competitive advantage. A listing of numerous milestones illustrates that sustainability has already been firmly anchored in the working processes of the HPA through successful projects - a step in the right direction.

Lowering emissions is the overriding aim when it comes to acting sustainably. It is therefore a matter of course that the HPA’s own vessel fleet runs on sulphur-free fuels and that both the HPA’s own and the public berths in the port are equipped with shore power infrastructure. The HPA invests in the expansion of eco-friendly rail and waterway infrastructure, and an electronic traffic management system ensures efficient traffic flows in the port and helps re-duce pollution.

The sustainability report forms part of a process initiated to manifest sustainable strategies, implement action plans and evaluate the results. The report conforms to the GRI reporting standards and will be issued every other year. In the long run, the Port of Hamburg will switch to sustainable energies and become a “flagship port” for renewables. To achieve that the HPA in conjunction with the Hamburg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport and Inno-vation (BWVI) and the Hamburg Ministry of Urban Development and Environment (BSU) in 2012 initiated the concept known as smartPORT Energy.

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