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First LNG Hybrid Barge for Cruise Ships improves Hamburg‘s Carbon Footprint

Come October, Hamburg will be the first European port to offer external, eco-friendly, low-emissions electrical power to cruise vessels. The LNG Hybrid Barge makes the Hanseatic city a maritime industry pioneer in efficiency and sustainability, providing a flexible alternative to shore power supply.

The 76.7m-long and 12.4m-wide LNG Hybrid Barge, developed by Hamburg-based Becker Marine Systems, will feature five electricity-producing generators that are powered by clean liquefied natural gas (LNG). Starting October, the barge is to supply power to cruise ships at Hamburg‘s HafenCity cruise terminal, thus moving Hamburg another step towards becoming a smartPORT.

Besides being the market leader in high-performance rudders and energy-saving manoeuvring technology solutions, Becker Marine Systems also strives to promote the development of solutions that use LNG as a clean source of fuel. “Our aim is to establish LNG as a fuel for ship engines. To achieve that aim we have initiated various projects – for example the supply of LNG to vessels, the cost-efficient conversion of engines and the provision of gas logistics – with several subcontractors, shipping companies and ports to demonstrate our competence in developing new technical systems and concepts,” explains Dirk Lehmann, Managing Director at Becker Marine Systems.