smartPORT Hamburg
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Experience the smartPORT Hamburg from up close on the last Day of the Conference

Linking theory with practice is the motto on the last day of the 29th IAPH World Ports Conference. On Friday, June 5th delegates have the opportunity to experience the smartPORT Hamburg from up close. Apart from a general tour through the port by boat, which will give participants an idea of the diversity of the multi-purpose port of Hamburg, there will be three excursions to the smartPORT projects of the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) to choose from. All four tours take place on Friday morning.

On one of the tours guests will be explained the HPA’s intelligent traffic control project – the port road management system. It is aimed at making the existing road network more efficient and optimising traffic flows. DIVA (dynamic traffic volume information system) is the first step towards intelligent traffic management in the port: digital dynamic traffic message signs inform drivers about disruptions and bridge closures in the port fast and reliably. Besides intelligent traffic management solutions, the HPA has also developed an innovative approach to efficient parking space management, which it will demonstrate on the smartPORT logistics tour “From collecting Information to displaying it”.

A second excursion will take participants to Europe’s first shore power station, another project under the smartPORT Hamburg initiative. From May onwards the facility, which has a power capacity of up to 12 megavolt ampere, will supply power to cruise ships docked at the cruise terminal in Altona. The vessels can turn off almost all their engines while at the berth. Harmful emissions are reduced, which benefits residents, crew members and passengers alike. At the cruise terminal in HafenCity, the HPA already switched to low-emission power supply in October 2014 when the world’s first LNG hybrid barge started operations. This project will be presented on the smartPORT energy tour “Shore Power for Cruise Ships”.

Another highlight on Friday will be a visit to the Vessel Traffic Service Centre of the Port of Hamburg. Path-breaking energy technologies and technical innovations make it one of the most modern vessel traffic service centres in the world. Since the beginning of the 20th century it has been ensuring the navigational safety in the Port of Hamburg. The “smartPORT energy and Vessel Traffic Service Centre” tour will also demonstrate various projects that will improve the carbon footprint of the port, e.g. electro-mobility at the terminals or alternative methods of generating electricity.

The general boat tour through the Port of Hamburg will give delegates an idea of the port as a whole. Participants will be shown various terminals and port businesses and learn about individual innovative port management projects. All four tours will conclude with a joint lunch at Duckdalben, the Port of Hamburg’s mission to seafarers.