Christmas tree
Christmas, Hamburg Port Authority
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Christmas tree ahoy!

Celebrating Christmas onboard – for some years now, the Port of Hamburg has been following a tradition which is most likely unique: every year at Christmas time, Father Christmas delivers Christmas trees straight to the ships.
Spending the holiday season in a foreign port, at sea, far away from home?
Not being able to be at home with family and friends, during Christmas in particular, is something which even old sea dogs, who have been sailing the seas for many years, do not find easy.

We would like to take this opportunity and say “thank you” to the ship crews in the ports all over the world, who spend Christmas aboard their ships instead of at home. Without them, without the maritime industry in general, most presents would never find their way under our Christmas trees!

So, in keeping with traditions in Hamburg, every year Father Christmas delivers a shapely Christmas tree, a real Nordmann fir, to the ships lying in the Port of Hamburg - either by throwing it or by having a crane lifting it on board – to bring a bit of Christmas cheer to the crew.

Join us and celebrate Christmas with us in the Port of Hamburg: follow Father Christmas when he throws the fir trees from ship to ship, listen to Christmas stories onboard the museum freighter "Cap San Diego" and get into the festive spiririt: watch our new Hafen TV show.