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“And here is: The Mouse” – The HPA opens its Doors to Children

Many little fans of Mouse TV, a children’s television show, had a great time at the Port of Hamburg: on the "Open-Doors Day with Mouse TV" the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) offered children an exciting glimpse of what it does. On October 3rd, firms and institutions all over Germany opened their doors to young visitors. The funny and educational stories of "Mouse TV" broadcasted since 1971 have become one of the most popular and successful children’s and knowledge shows on German television.
As heavy as the giant ship may be - it does not sink. Fascinated, a young Mouse fan was looking at a huge container vessel with a capacity of 13,000 standard containers from the launch boat "Commodore". Onboard, 33 children and Christoph, presenter of Mouse TV, avidly listened to Harbour Master Jörg Pollmann who explained the traffic rules on the River Elbe and the meaning of the navigation marks.

At the HPA’s site on Finkenwerder the children painted an old buoy the way they liked and built little wooden boats under the instruction of trainees, which of course had to be tested on the water right away - all that under a perfectly blue sky. Afterwards the crew of little seamen were allowed to go onboard the "Deepenschriewer", a survey vessel whose name literally means “deep writer”. Staff from the HPA’s hydrographic services department explained how the vessel makes maps of the bed of the River Elbe with an echosounder – all in typical "Mouse TV" fashion.

At the end of the day, the children were allowed to help install a real buoy on the River Elbe. Before it was launched, the children could write their wishes and thoughts on a piece of paper and stuff it into the buoy’s belly. And along the way, they even learned how to make real sailors’ knots. Who knows - Mouse TV may have got some of the children interested in shipping or even a job at the HPA.

Hafen TV has produced a film about the great "Open-Doors Day with Mouse TV". To watch it, go to YouTube.