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Hafen TV wins Award for best Port Communication

Jens Meier presented with the Gold Award from the World Ports Association in Los Angeles 2013/05/09
Los Angeles, 9 May 2013 – Hafen-TV has won the Port Communications Award 2013 for the world's best port communications project. The International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) awarded the TV series co-produced by the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) for the successful communication between ports, calling it an outstanding example. Geraldine Knatz, President of the IAPH, presented the HPA's Managing Director, Jens Meier, with the Gold Award within the scope of the world ports conference in Los Angeles.

“For many years now, we have been working on getting people to identify more closely with the port and its operations. The port used to be a part of life in Hamburg. Today, many Hamburg residents are aware of the port only as a beautiful backdrop. We want to change that. The award is a great recognition of our work and at the same time, it will motivate us to continue on this path,” says Jens Meier, Managing Director of the HPA.

“This Gold Award confirms that a moving-picture format jointly produced by professionals and journalists ideally complements the communication goals of an organisation. Our business TV unit is proud to work with the experts of the HPA and present current port issues in a way that appeals to people. The se-ries now also has a huge fan base outside of Hamburg 1's television pro-gramme – on the internet, for instance,” said Jan-Niko Lafrentz, Managing Director of Hamburg 1, who was very happy about the award for Hafen TV.

The HPA produces Hafen-TV in conjunction with the local TV channel, Ham-burg 1. The 15-minute-long programme airs every two weeks on Hamburg 1 and on top has its own YouTube channel. So far over 90 broadcasts have been aired featuring a diverse range of images and reports from the port and the River Elbe. Large container vessels are paid as much attention as the Elbe fishermen going about their daily work. Viewers can watch Father Christmas distributing Christmas trees in the port or accompany spices from all over the world on their journey to Hamburg.

You can find Hafen-TV on the internet at: http://www.youtube.com/HamburgPortAuthority