smartPORT logistics: Solutions
smartPORT Valencia – Challenges, Solutions and Visions
Wednesday, June 3
10.55 - 11.05
Hall G, CCH
Four external factors are stressing the Ports: Growthc, Security & Safety, Fragmented Logistics and need of Accurate Information. Solutions from the past decades based on standard message exchange are not enough anymore. Different sources of information are now needed: photos, videos, field sensors, statistics, etc. From the smallest piece of data saying yes/no to the so named Big Data. The SmartPORT concept is an open concept depending on the “what” and not on the “how”. Right questions must be before correct answers.

  • Do you need a smartPORT to offer the right data to the Port Community and improve the Logistics, Vessel Operations, …?
  • Do you need a smartPORT to have a Virtual Operating Centre in order to improve Port Safety and coordination between all actors?
  • Do you need a smartPORT to get indicators to measure your port for customers and citizens?
  • Do you need a smartPORT to minimize the impact of the port in the city beside?

We’ll offer you our vision on smartPORT
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