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smartPORT – What does it mean for Ports of Stockholm?
Wednesday, June 3
14.25 - 14.35
Hall G, CCH
What do we mean when we say we are or we want to be a smartPORT? Do we refer to technical solutions? IT solutions? Or does it also include goals to reduce our energy consumption and monitor the way we use energy?

The questions are many and there is no correct answer. One answer could be that a smartPORT is a port that not only acknowledges the local, regional and global impact of its own operations but also that of its customers and road and sea transports. But of course to acknowledge is not enough; a smartPORT must also try to reduce the environmental impact of its operations through various measures. By applying a sustainability approach, i.e. considering the economic, ecological and social impact of every decision taken, you can become a Smart Port.

Ports of Stockholm have continuously worked on developing measures to reduce the impact of shipping on the environment. In the mid 1980s, first efforts to reduce emissions from ships were made by offering shore power and reduced fees. In 1998 environmentally differentiated harbor dues were successfully introduced. Today we grant rebates to reward the reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions, the use of LNG and on-shore-power.
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