smartPORT logistics: Solutions
What can a Port do to effectively manage landside Congestion – Truck Marshalling Automation and Key Performance Indicator Control as a Solution
Wednesday, June 3
10.45 - 10.55
Hall G, CCH

Ports throughout the world are facing situations of increasing volumes, available land area limits and tenant reluctance to manage peak queuing.  

In answer, Fremantle Ports has developed, locally, an intelligent transport system - the congestion management system (CMS). This comprises an internet-based software control system and optical recognition operated registration terminals at a truck marshalling area to take trucks off roads and ensure on-port operators manage them in an orderly manner.

In extraordinary congestion situations, on-port operators themselves clear truck queues, resolve any causal issues and then, on resolution, return vehicles back to site. 

In addition to the CMS, the Port has devised a key performance indicator (KPI) contractual mechanism, included in all new operator leases and agreements, to incentivise on-port operators with rewards for positive queuing management. The session will end with a review of these KPIs and make a series of recommendations.

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