smartPORT logistics: Solutions
An Arabian Perspective on Industry Trends: A View from the Bridge of DP World
Wednesday, June 3
10.30 - 10.45
Hall G, CCH

Trade has been with us for thousands of years and ports have been there to make it happen. Over time, change has been part of our development.
As an industry one of the main issues we face is the up-scaling of container vessels and shipping lines have formed alliances to fill them. So the port industry must invest in longer berths, deeper drafts and bigger cranes to translate on-water economies of scale to a quick dispatch on land. With port operators grappling with huge peak demands on their quays, gates and yards, they also have to deal with mass container surge. To stay efficient and remain client friendly they have to develop ‘smart’ports and hire the right people.
Historically, shipping lines follow the cargo. Dubai established itself as a trading hub over 100 years ago and latched on to a “construct and the business will come philosophy”. It’s come true. Dubai has managed to align a Government vision with the private logistics supply chain bound together by an invisible umbilical cord in a truly sustainable global hub.    

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