smartPORT energy: Challenges
How even minor Changes can increase Energy Efficiency significantly
Wednesday, June 3
13.35 - 13.55
Hall G, CCH

The port industry has become aware that green and energy efficient terminals are the future. No terminal concession has been awarded recently without addressing green and energy efficient terminal elements of some sort. These requirements are largely determined by the tendering port authority. The state of green terminals globally however can be improved especially since existing concessions may be in place for 30+ more years with little interferences from the authority. Equipment is and remains on terminals the most notable source of emissions. Focussing on these, how can green equipment in existing and new facilities be introduced – and most importantly which measures to be taken are commercially viable to support implementation in existing sites? 

The presentation will address the different areas on the terminal and furthermore distinguish between new port projects where any wish list seems possible and existing terminals with their equipment fleet too old to be green enough but still too young to be replaced. 

Potentials and limitations, inter alia related to the availability of power and skillsets, possibly preventing to go green and the countermeasures to be taken will be discussed highlighting interrelations to be considered. Based on these factors, indications will be given as to under which circumstances what kind of equipment may be reasonable. Going Green from the energy efficiency point of view shows the need for carefully balancing between technical and commercial feasibility in line with HPC’s experience in working with a multitude of clients where such balancing has been of essence when determining the right solution for the decades ahead.

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