smartPORT logistics: Challenges
IT is ready for smart Solutions
Wednesday, June 3
09.00 - 09.20
Hall G, CCH
The increasing trade volumes and the necessity of even more complex data exchange of all parties involved in port-related activities pose a huge challenge that can only be met if data are used in an intelligent manner. Optimising or redesigning processes to prevent disruptions is as important as managing the port environment actively and sustainably. The challenge is to merge real-time data of companies, humans, end devices, etc. beyond different, historically grown systems and IT landscapes.

Volker Worthmann will explore the latest technologies to merge different systems with different interfaces and illustrate the options available in the context of end-to-end process analyses. By merging data and systems in such a way, it will be possible to monitor critical port processes in real time and respond flexibly as the situation requires. This opens up a whole range of new opportunities for port infrastructure management across transport modes in line with rising demand on limited space, thus ensuring sustainable port management.
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