Bigger Vessels – bigger Challenges
Traffic Control: Challenges and Solutions regarding the Navigation of Mega-Ships on the River Elbe and in the Port of Hamburg
Tuesday, June 2
16.00 - 16.10
Hall G, CCH

We have about 30,000 movements of seagoing vessels in the port annually, and the number of exceptionally large vessels – ships with a length of over 330 metres and/or a beam of more than 45 metres – has been increasing since 2008. Accordingly, planning and ship clearance processes have become more complex. To ensure that traffic runs smoothly, all movements must be captured and monitored accurately. We see ourselves as mediators between ship crews, ship owners, terminal operators, stevedoring companies, pilots, agents and all other parties involved in shipping.

The continuous further development of the port’s traffic management system is vital to adequately cater for existing and future demand. That includes the further development of dynamic traffic modules and IT systems that enable the exchange of data between all parties involved within the harbour area. It is our declared aim to continue to meet the challenges on our way to becoming a SMART PORT and ensure that all vessels will enter and leave the port safely and fast.

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