Cruise Shipping
Cruise Ships and Ports: Now and Future Trends
Thursday, June 4
09.15 - 09.45
Hall G, CCH

This keynote speech will include aspects of ports, their attractiveness to both cruise industry executives and passengers as well as to local economies. 

The past 30 years have demonstrated that even long-established ports, including many with size and structural limitations, are able to accommodate the growth of both the number and size of cruise ships and cope with and adapt to the demands of an ever-expanding cruise industry.

Although ports are mostly opened for trade purposes (let’s face it, both cargo and passengers start and end their journeys at a port), many up and coming ports – particularly in southeast Asia - are being designed with multi-functional facilities – attractive to both the immediate regional economy and cruise passengers – who really do notice factors like design, functionality and hospitality.

Whether as a wayward or turnaround port, destinations that cruise lines include or propose in the itinerary planning stage take into account not only the cost of operations, but also accessibility, transportation, sightseeing, excursion opportunities and – increasingly – hospitality.  

The future is all about delivering the “WOW” effect and this will depend on factors that drive growth in this developing cruise business. Join us to find out more.

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