Cruise Shipping
Development of the Cruise Shipping Industry in the Port of Hamburg
Thursday, June 4
10.05 - 10.15
Hall G, CCH
As an industry, the cruise tourism generates economic growth, jobs and added value to the worldwide economy. The growth of the cruise tourism, especially in Germany, is beyond impressive, in terms of source passengers, total direct spending, and cruise ship construction and maintenance. In his statement Michael Ungerer will give a short overview of the German cruise market and an outlook for the years to come. Looking particular at development of the port of Hamburg, one of the leading cruise destinations in Northern Europe, he will point out the challenges and opportunities for further growth.

One of the key challenges is the continuous improvement of the environmental performance. This issue lies at the very core of the cruise line industry. Taking AIDA Cruises as one example Michael Ungerer will demonstrate that environmental protection and economic interests are not a contradiction. We, as an industry, have every interest in ensuring that the marine environment is kept clean and natural in years to come.
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