Clean Air in Ports
Clean Air Solutions in the Ports of Copenhagen and Malmö
Thursday, June 4
12.10 - 12.20
Hall G, CCH
Copenhagen Malmö Port is located within the Sulphur Emission Control Area (SECA). The strict SECA rules are enforced in the northern part of Europe and along the US and Canadian coastlines.

Copenhagen Malmö Port supports the clean air strategy in many ways. We strive to obtain the best available technology and we include clean air strategy thinking in our planning processes in consultation with our customers and suppliers. We use renewable sources to meet our own energy demands. We carried out a project regarding the establishment of LNG facilities for ship bunkering. CMP is also studying the possibilities of creating an industrial symbiosis within the port area that includes the surrounding areas.

Over the past years CMP invested in new infrastructure designed to reduce truck travelling times and make berthing for ships more efficient. Even a short reduction in driving and sailing distances makes a significant contribution to lowering emissions.

Our roles come with different capacities and it is important to co-operate so that together we can find sustainable solutions for the whole transport chain.
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