Clean Air in Ports
Clean Air in Ports - Potential for Improving Air Quality
Thursday, June 4
11.40 - 12.10
Hall G , CCH
Air pollution is a major problem in many international ports. That is why the German environmental NGO, NABU (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union), is conducting the Clean Air in Ports project as part of the European “Clean Air” project funded by the LIFE+ programme of the European Commission. The NABU Clean Air in Ports project, which comprises six workshops with various marine stakeholders in different European ports and a final working paper, is expected to be completed in time for the 29th World Ports Conference where NABU will present the project results. The presentation will give an overview of the various emission sources within port areas and their impact on health, climate and the environment. In addition, the differences between and similarities of ports will be outlined and examples of promising, innovative measures and best practices already implemented in major ports worldwide will be given and discussed.  
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